How I Dropped Two Dress Sizes..

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Top left is where I started and the following three is where we’re at now..

Lads, it’s tough going, I’m not gonna lie! Well to be fair its easier now but the first few weeks I was like a demon. I was eating asparagus and steak at 11am though can you blame me?

Okay so lets shed a bit of background on the story. I was always into sport as a kid and as a teenager. I was a sprinter in Leevale Athletic Club for years. I trained 6 days a week (speed work, weights, hill running, endurance training etc.) and I was scraaaawny! Like too thin for my shape, a size 6 would fall off me.

Roll on the college years… I gave up athletics for my leaving cert and never went back. I did try, numerous times but I’m very competitive and couldn’t cope with not winning haha. In college, my diet was horrendous.. so so bad! We’re talking hot chicken rolls with a can of Coke, the bar of Galaxy to “share” (that still doesn’t get shared) and a bag of Thai Rings. I was divine as you can imagine. Although I did go to the gym, I was the one that would saunter around lifting 1kg dumbbells and doing 10 minutes on the cross-trainer thinking I was doing myself the world of good. I wouldn’t go near the weights room. Do this for 4 years and boom hello size 12! (Bate into the size 10). Now, I’m not saying size 12 is big in anyway but I’m a small person (5ft 4″) and was always extremely fit so it was so unhealthy for me and my body shape.

Being totally honestly here, I was in pure denial. I couldn’t see any weight gain, kept eating all the fatty foods and told myself “oh obviously this brand of jeans are a small fit”.

After college, I joined another gym (still no clue what I was doing) doing cardio to beat the band, didn’t pick up a weight and continued to eat whatever I wanted. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t toning up, if anything I was gaining more weight. Add in the fact that I am with Aaron (the BF) at this stage and we’ve all been there,when you’re in a comfortable relationship you’ll gain that little bit of “love chub”.

Fast forward to a year and a half ago when a picture was taken of me at a work event and I didn’t recognize myself. Literally like “naaaah, goodbye and god bless”. I was horrified. Bawling crying, I couldn’t deal with it. So, I got my act together and joined Platinum Performance Clinic.

This is where my life totally changed. I started off doing three to four x 30 minute classes a week and still eating whatever I wanted (within reason, I started to clean my act up a bit here). After a few months of this I decided I’d start a 6 week personal training plan to get my ass in shape for holidays .. were you sick of seeing yellow bikini pics though? Skip forward a year and I’m after doing one 6 week plan and two 12 week plans (currently on week 3 of the second 12 week plan).

It turns out I was UNDER eating? Lads, I couldn’t explain how happy I was. I was given a meal plan by Gavin (one of my trainers) and I never ate so much food in my life and the weight was falling off me. Five small meals a day with loads of protein, good fats, veg, little to no dairy, low sugar and a normal amount of carbs. I was by no means hungry; I actually found it hard to eat so much at the start.

An example of my shopping list;
Almond milk
Meridan peanut butter
Rice cakes
Basmati rice
Veg (all the veg)
Turkey rashers
Dark chocolate
Lean mince
Slimbo Bread (the square panni ones)
Baby potatoes etc. etc.

It may sound boring but it’s actually so manageable when you use spices and Franks Hot Sauce (life changing). He added waffles to my diet last week and cheese a few weeks before.. I nearly fell off the chair with the excitement.

I was determined when I started and I haven’t lost the determination yet.

In the gym…. I nearly passed away. I’m sure they had an ambulance on speed dial for me at one stage! Can you tell I’m dramatic? And I’m an awful whinge bag – the lads still to this day have their hands full with me. Some of my favourite gym catch phrases are as follows “Nah, sorry now no!”, “Where are ya off to with the 10kg’s?”, “Can’t”, “I’m done now” … you get my drift haha. They also have to listen to my 90’s workout playlist.

Sorry, totally rambling again.

Okay, my weekly gym sessions..

Day 1: Legs

1 session x 30 mins.

Wall squats
Lunges (no thanks)
Leg raises
Kick-backs (unreal for the old glutes)
Squat jumps
Step ups (great time doing these as I have no balance 🙂 )
My faaaaave – running up and down the gym with the prowler (if I never see this thing again I’ll live a happy life).

Sets are usually 15 reps x 3 sets or 12 reps x 4 sets.


The dreaded prowler.. if you ever see this device in a gym, run a mile in the opposite direction and don’t turn around! 😂

Day 2: Abs

1 session x 30 mins as part of a class (lads it’s only €5 I’d seriously recommend going).

To be honest, I can’t tell you what I do in abs because it changes every week. But, I do loads of planks, sit ups, bicycle crunches, mountain climbers, that thing where you lie on the floor and keep your legs off the ground, toe touches and so on.

All of these exercises are done on time – it feels like 5 hours an exercise but I think it’s 45 seconds to a minute.

Day 3: Chest and Back.

1 session x 30 mins

Tens and thousands of push-ups. Ha! Only joking, well not really.
Incline chest press
Hex press
Bent over dumbbell row
Assisted pull ups
Single arm row.

15 reps x 3 sets or 12 reps x 4 sets.

Day 4: Arms and Shoulders

1 session x 30 mins

Frontal raises
Lateral raises
Lateral pulses
Shoulder press
Rear delt flys
The ropes (“love these too” she says as she rolls her eyes)
Incline dumbbell curl
Hammer curl
Standing cable curl
Dips (projectile vomit)
Tricep kickbacks
Cable pull downs aaaand reverse grip pull downs

15 reps x 3 sets or 12 reps x 4 sets.

So, just a little conclusion on the above; I work out 4 days a week, 30 mins per session and follow a meal plan 85% of the time. I genuinely believe in balance. I’m happy doing 4 x 30 min sessions a week, I know I wouldn’t have lasted this long if I had to do one hour sessions every evening.

My diet.. (Gavin, if you’re reading this cover your eyes please) I stick to my diet Monday to Friday and eat everything in moderation at the weekends. I make healthy choices on a Saturday for breakfast and lunch. For example, instead of having turkey rashers with slimbo toast I might have scrambled eggs with the yolk and brown toast with a bitta Nutella (not with the egg obviously) and a proper cup of tea (I can’t stress how much I miss normal tea). Then I do the dog on a Saturday night and stay relatively healthy on Sunday.. kind of. Back on the health train then on Monday morning.

I’m now a healthy size 8/10, dropped so much body fat, toned up, eating loads of good food and I’ve never been happier. Janice, Gavin, James and Ciaran at Platinum haven’t only helped me physically they’ve helped me mentally. I’m so much more confident in my body and so much more conscious of what I’m eating and what I need to keep me going on a day to day basis. I’ll always be so grateful to them.

If I could give one piece of advice, get a PT, even if it’s only for a few weeks. Get someone to customize your workout plan to suit YOU and your diet to suit YOU. The girls have all done personal training sessions in Platinum and meal plans with Gavin and never once have we gotten the same meal plan because we’re all different and we all have different goals. It may seem expensive at the time but it is so worth it! You could do what I did and start with a 6 week plan, I promise you won’t look back.

Please know, this isn’t my bathroom 😂 Are ye weak for the tiles though?

There you have it, a “quick” synopsis on my gym life. If you have any questions on any of the above leave a comment below or you can drop me a DM here.

Until next time,

April x


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