My Top 28 Beauty Hacks..

I wanted to do 30 buuut apparently I only have 28 🙂

Have you been waiting for one of my posts to change your life? Because… Here. We. Are.

I’d say I spend a good one to two hours a day on my skin care, hair and makeup. Now, this includes my nighttime routine, do not think I get up at 6am to do my makeup! I ain’t ’bout that life. So, it’s safe to say I’ve picked up some handy tricks in my time. Add this in with the fact that I’ve worked in the beauty industry for a number of years and I could literally write a book!

Without further adieu, let’s get going! I’ve condensed all of my fave tips and tricks below for you to have a nose through..

Do I need to warn ye again that it’s gonna be a long post or are ye used to me yet? haha

  1. Mix oil with your foundation… my favourite tip of all time! I feel like we’ve discussed how much I hate dry skin yeah? Well this will change your life forever. If you suffer from dry skin or if you’re like myself and love a bit of a dewy glow then look no further. Three drops of facial oil with your foundation will sort ya right out! I use the MAC Prep + Prime Facial Oil, you can find it here for €22 (it will last you ages).1
  2. Following on from the above tip, you need to purchase those little tester pots in Penneys! €1.50 for like five of them and they’re the best things ever! I use them to mix foundation with oil, strobe cream with tinted moisturizer for when I wanna look basic, foundations when I’m working on a client to match a foundation to their skin, moisturizers to multitask.. should I keep going or do you get my point?
  3. Starting to see a few wrinkles under the eyes? Same! I’m trauma! Besides using a good eye cream (which you need to be doing) I found a very good way to hide them a little bit .. bronzer under the eye! Take a small fluffy eye-shadow brush and dust a bit of bronzer (or eye-shadow if you’re feeling adventurous) under your eyelashes and watch them magically fade away.
  4. Looking for a flawless finish to your foundation? We’ve discussed my love for MAC Studio Fix Powder before.. now it’s how you apply it. Put. The. Brush. Down. You wanna get a damp beauty blender (emphasis on the word damp, not soaking) and gently dab the powder onto your face with your beauty blender. You can thank me later.
  5. Fluffy brows are my fave thing! The best way to get a fluffy brow that will last you the day is to set your brows with a clear gel before you put on your brow pencil or whatever. Brush the hairs upwards, leave them dry then apply your pencil or gel and you’ll have the perfect brow. I use the NYX Control Freak Clear Brow Gel (how fitting).. you can find it here for only €8
  6. Want your lips to look bigger? Use a lip liner a shade or two darker than your lipstick! Don’t just put it on the outline of your lips, blend it down towards the middle then put your lighter shade of lipstick in the center. Done! But for the love of god please blend it, otherwise you’ll be walking around like Krusty the Clown.
  7. Another tip for making your lips look fuller is using a brown eye shadow just below the center of your bottom lip (you know where your bottom lip folds over?) this will create the illusion of a shadow making you look like you’ve got a pout! Simple 🙂 Just don’t put black eyeshadow! haha
  8. Do you love a dewy glow as much as me? Do you have a bottle of setting spray lying around and a tub of loose pigment you bought knowing full well you wouldn’t use it? Same! Well, provided the pigment isn’t bright blue or purple, open up your bottle of setting spray and pour some (not all, we’re not going for a disco ball look) into it and you’ll have the most beautiful setting spray that will give you a fab glow! I used gold MAC pigment I got in a Christmas set and popped it into my MAC Fix Plus. Just be careful if it is Fix Plus you’re using, I broke my bottle when I was opening it 😦1
  9. This will prob be the most valuable tip.. you know on a night out when your tan is on point and your face matches this tan perfectly in the mirror? Then someone takes a pic of you with a flash and it looks like someone photo-shopped Casper’s head onto your body? Yeah girl, there’s SPF in your foundation or moisturizer. SPF causes flashback! The higher the SPF the whiter you shall be. While SPF is vital to wear during the day, you do not need to wear it to Havana’s on Saturday night. Find a going out foundation with no SPF and you will no longer look like you threw baby powder all over your face in your pics 😉
  10. Wanna see your highlight from space? Spray your highlighter brush with setting spray before you apply the highlight – this will intensify the highlight pigment. Just don’t over do it, we’re not trying to look like the Tin Man over here. #HighlightBrighterThanMyFuture
  11. Are your eyelashes in bits after the individuals or even the strip lashes? Castor oil will save your soul! Get those eye lash brushes, you can get a pack in Hennessy’s for like €3 and dip it in castor oil and apply to your eyelashes before you go to bed. Be careful not to put on too much I nearly blinded myself the first night. This also helps grow out your eyebrows!
  12. Foundation lines… I can’t! Bitch blend! To avoid looking like you put an orange mask on your face, apply your foundation to the center of your face and blend outwards aaaaand down your neck and behind your ears! Genuine anxiety over this.
  13. Bronzer application… You have to apply your bronzer to where the sun hits your face naturally. I like to put mine on in the shape of the number 3.. Start at the top of your forehead and blend down to your temples, then continue down to your cheekbones (blending in small circular motions) and finally under the jaw. Beaut. I always put a tiny bit of bronzer on my nose just a tiiiiiny bit now and it’ll make you look a bit more natural
  14. Grey contour.. game changing! Ever see someone and look like they’ve smeared mud on their cheeks? They’re using the wrong shade of contour (they’re also applying it wrong). A contour is supposed to look like a natural shadow. So what I do is, take my Real Techniques brush (there’s no name so see pic below) and lightly dip it into my Inglot Sculping Powder.. lads I really can’t tell ye what colour I use, I can’t take it out of the magnetic pan! But if you rock into Inglot pick the one that looks grey. Then I apply this to a very specific area (very specific!), touch just below your cheekbone as close to your ear as you can, start here and bring it no more than three cm down and blend it to death. You are not supposed to have contour lines that meet your smile lines 😛
  15. Whether it’s concealing a spot or highlighting under your eyes, apply your concealer after your foundation to prevent your face from looking caked. Most foundations will have high enough coverage that you might not even need concealer to hide a spot. Putting concealer on after foundation also makes it easier to blend 😀
  16. I love a natural fluffy brow.. for the most natural looking brow don’t fill your eyebrows in fully. What I do is take my eyebrow pomade (Anastasia Beverly Hills) on a thin angle brush and draw a line along the bottom of my eyebrow. Then I take more pomade and start filling them in from about quarter of the way in to the end of my brow. Then I use whatever is left on the brush to fill in the start of my brow lightly using upward motions. See a pic of my brow below for the effect it gives..1
  17. Layer face masks for the best results.. more than likely one face mask isn’t going to work on your entire face. I use a deep pore cleansing mask on my t-zone and slightly onto my cheeks, a hydrating mask on my forehead and below my eyes and a brightening or toning mask everywhere else. Obviously everyone’s skin is different so pick masks that suit your skin. The L’oreal Pure Clay range is fab because they have a few to choose from and do tiny pots so you can sample. You can pick them up in Boots.
  18. I occasionally rock my natural hair and let my curls loose.. if you know me a while you will have seen me where my fro at one point haha. Now, my hair isn’t naturally super curly its more wavy but when I want it to look like I just rolled out of bed with natural curls I do the following… I go to bed with my hair wet (I’m not advising anyone to do this, do so at your own risk haha) and then when I wake up my hair is proper curly/messy (I think it’s the way I sleep on it). Don’t put a brush next nor near it, just reach for a bottle of Salt Spray, turn your head upside down and spray it into your hair while scrunching your hair at the same time, give your hair a good shake and flick your head back up and you’re done 🙂 Salt spray gives you the “I’ve been at the beach all day” look and I loooove it! I use the Mark Hill one you can find it here for €6.99. Excuse the poor quality image, the pout and the star filter but this is the look it gives…
  19. I prefer my hair dryer to my hair straightener.. like I’ll wash my hair, dry it and then only straighten it once in between washes. If it needs a top up I’ll blow dry my hair upside down. This gives a bit of body back into your hair, straightens it out a little bit and is less damaging.. try it the next time! 🙂
  20. If you’re a blondie like me then you already know dry-shampoo is a game changer! My hair is naturally a dark blonde/ash brown sort of colour and I get full heads of highlights so it’s safe to say I have roots 90% of the time. Dry shampoo is my best friend, I feel like it makes my roots disappear! Spray it into your roots, leave it there for two to three minutes then rub it out.
  21. This one is going to be a bit controversial and I will do a full blog post on this soon… Dermaplaning aka shaving your face. I’m obsessed! No your hair does not grow back darker or thicker, yes it’s the best way to exfoliate your face, yes your makeup will glide on, yes your skin care products will absorb better into your skin and yes it stimulates collagen production which I’m all about! If you do take the plunge and try it you won’t regret it… just an FYI you might break out in a rash the first time you try but it will only last a day. And always put oil or something on your face before you put a blade near it! Let me know if you’ve tried it!
  22. Need to conceal a tattoo? Grab red lipstick and a concealer and listen up.. I have a few tattoos that my poor dad and grandparents don’t know about, they’d have a conniption if they knew. When I was in Miss Cork, we had to do a bikini walk and right there front and center was my rib tattoo soooo I ovb had to hide it! Take red lipstick and put it all over the tattoo then blot down the edges with some tissue take a high coverage concealer (that matches your tan) and put this over the red lipstick, set with powder and you’re tattoo will be invisible 🙂
  23. I love an eyelash primer before mascara application because it makes your eyelashes thicker and longer but frequently I run out of primer! Something that works just as good is baby powder! Put on a layer of mascara, put a little bit of baby powder into your hand and start pressing it into your eyelashes using your baby finger, then apply another layer of mascara!
  24. Silk pillowcases are one of my fave things about going to bed! A silk pillowcase is soooo much better for your skin than a regular pillowcase! It’s better for your hair and skin because it isn’t as rough so doesn’t pull on the skin. It also helps smooth your hair and doesn’t soak up all of your skin care products! I know I didn’t spend €60 on a serum to have it soaked up by a pillow! You can get them in Penneys (down by the beauty stuff) for €12 ❤
  25. If I had to choose between lipstick and lip liner I’d choose lip liner everyday! Lip liner stops your lipstick from “bleeding” onto your face.. ever see the ones with lipstick all over their chin? They haven’t put lip liner on!
  26. Staying with the topic of lip liner.. over lining lips, come on we all do it! It has taken me aaaages to perfect it! I look back at pics from two years ago, even last year and it literally looks like I went a good cm around the outside of my lips with the liner! Not a bit subtle! Anyway, I’ve learned the most natural way to make your lips look full is.. when lining your upper lip, only over draw your cupids bow, draw a straight line between the two points and fill in, then follow your natural lip line down the sides until you meet your bottom lip. For the bottom lip, you’re gonna wanna go just below your pout, over draw here (smudge with your finger it helps) and then follow your natural lip line again up to your upper lip. I have naturally big lips anyway (no I do not have fillers, I’ll be the first to tell ye if I ever decide to get them, think I’d miss up an opportunity for a blog post? haha) so it doesn’t take a lot but just practice what works best for your lip shape 🙂
  27. Conditioner is better than shaving cream.. it’s so much smoother and feels better on the skin! I also feel like you get less of those dotty things from conditioner!
  28. Oil to remove makeup .. every night I double oil cleanse! Oil just melts the makeup off your face and leaves your face feeling so soft and hydrated! You need to pick an oil that isn’t going to clog your pores. I use the MAC Cleanse Off Oil, you can get it here for €28.50 (it will last you forever) or if you wanna try it first you can get a travel size bottle for €10 🙂 If you’re not a fan of MAC you can try organic oils you’d find in the kitchen like olive oil or rapeseed oil these don’t clog pores 🙂 Don’t put coconut oil near your face! Yes it’s fab for the hair and body but the properties in coconut oil clog the pores which will cause you to break out. Make sure you wash the oil off with warm water, don’t leave it on your face 🙂

All done 🙂 I hope you picked up something from this post that you can add to your beauty regime! As usual if you have any questions drop me an email or slide into my DM’s on Instagram ❤

April x




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