My Top 5 Social Media Tips to Grow Your Brand..

Whether you’re a new brand, a small business or an influencer, how you market your brand is vital!

Before we get into it, let me just say, I can’t stress enough how important it is to stay in your own lane. Just because something works for one person doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. It takes time but you’ll eventually figure out what works for your brand through trial and error. In a world that’s saturated with brands, influencers, businesses.. try to stand out and be unique.

Having done a degree in marketing, a course in digital marketing and having worked in the marketing industry for a few years now, naturally I get asked marketing tips all of the time (how many times can one say marketing?). Now, I could go on and on and on for pages but I’ve condensed what I feel are the most important ones in the list below..

  1. Stay on Brand
    Can we talk about how much I love branding? Seriously! Branding is the identity of your business. Design a brand you’re proud of, one you won’t want to change after 6 months. Keep everything on brand from your logo, to your emails, to your social media platforms, to your website to your desktop! Eat, sleep and breathe it.Let me explain where I’m going with this…

    Say you’re a blogger.

    On your blog all your photos are super dark and mysterious, let’s say even fashion-y. Your writing is kind of guarded too. So then I head over to your Instagram to follow you because I’m loving it and all your photos are light, bright, airy, feminine and your captions are super open with a bunch of food pictures. Ok. Hmmm. AND then I decide to check out your Snapchat and it’s all about makeup. Instead of doing the font in your typical black and white, your fonts are yellow and red. Lastly, I go to Pinterest and it’s all Pins of the Kardashians.

    Do you see where I’m going with this?

    It’s all over the place.

    To create a brand, a platform, a community, a strong foundation- the brand needs to shine through on each medium.

    When it comes to social media, your content should look cohesive. It may be helpful to make a style guide of colours, fonts etc. Lets take Instagram for example, say your brand colour is red.. you can edit all photos to emphasis the red in the photo to make it pop more through apps like VSCO and Darkroom.. you can also use Instagram itself by using the colour option in edit. An example of an influencer who has this down to a T is Mic X Jane.. just take one look at her Instagram here

    To perfect this, create a mood board (like the image below) and use it as a reference point when posting an image…

    Your audience should be able to describe your brand in three words. For example    when describing Get The Skinny, you could say it’s girly, informative and funny (kind of 😉 )

  2. Know Your Audience

    Can we stress this enough? You HAVE to know who you are talking to and who you are trying to reach.

    For example, I’m selling running shoes.. am I going to target swimmers? No.

    Figure out who you want to love your brand, target them and listen to them, your audience will guide you. Say you’re a fitness blogger and you’re focusing on Snapchat as your main platform.. you do a post on Monday on your cardio routine in the gym and it gets some engagement but not much, on Tuesday you do a “What I Eat in a Day” post and it get’s loads of screenshots, messages are flying in etc. Then the following day you do a post on your favourite gym leggings and it doesn’t get half the engagement.. this should tell you your audience is interested in healthy eating. While it’s ok to post about other topics, focus on healthy eating and give your audience valuable tips. As I said, trial and error.

    A big tip with regards to your audience on social media is engagement .. set aside an hour a day to respond to messages, comments etc.

    Facebook and Instagram (Facebook in particular) have an amazing analytics section which will allow you to see exactly who your audience are from their gender, their age, their interests, their area..basically everything you need to know.  Use this as your starting point 🙂


  3. Content & Copy

    There’s no point in having an audience if there’s nothing to keep them there right? You’ve got them now keep them! Whether it’s tips and tricks, recipes, fun facts, pretty pictures.. keep your content engaging and interesting!

    Provide value!.. we all love getting stuff for free right? This doesn’t mean getting a product for free btw! Give advice, give tips, be funny, tell a story, be whatever works with your brand. No one is going to stick around if you’re just going on and on about how fantastic your product is! What are they getting from it? Nada.

    Now, I need to jump on this bandwagon but I’m not quite ready for it yet.. video. Video is king! Peoples attention spans are dropping by the second so if you can create a short, interesting video that gets your point across, you are onto a winner! Video has become so much easier with Snapchat and Instagram so we really have no excuse. People love behind the scenes videos! We’re naturally inquisitive so if you’re posting up a fab pic of you at a photo-shoot, I’m gonna wanna see the behind the scenes of you getting your make up done and picking the wardrobe! Sooo.. for example if you own a restaurant, don’t just post pics of your food, take us on a tour of the kitchen when your chef is making brownies, get your staff chatting to the camera. DOC-U-MENT… Anyway! Evolve & get on board.. Now if I could just take my own advice I’d be flying!

    For photo’s. you don’t need to have a professional camera to take amazing shots! People love raw photos! Just look at all the backlash bloggers have been getting recently for editing photos too much. Buy a cheap ring light for your phone, like this one here and off you go. Good lighting and a good angle is all you really need… and relevancy obviously 😉

    People seriously underestimate the captions that go along with the pictures! This is where you need to make your point and provide value!

    On the topic of captions let’s discuss TAGS… why are you posting if you’re not tagging? How are people going to find you? Do you think they are going to magically stumble across your post when you’ve literally done nothing to allow them to find you?

    Lets say you’re a fashion blogger… how are you going to provide value to your readers?

    Cue to 2010 when Instagram launches. And then.. then lads… Instagram released this thing called TAGGING!! Have you heard of it? Yes, I know, I know- I’m sure you have. Buuuut do you know what’s so rude? Like the rudest thing you can do as a fashion blogger? Not tag your outfit! Like, great #OOTD post you have there but where can I get your shoes?! Not only will tagging these shoes provide value for your audience, you will also appear on the shoe brands tagged section on their page aaaand if a lot of people purchase these shoes this may lead to a collaboration. Do you see where I’m going with this?

    Tags are vital.. they allow people who have an interest in what your brand does to find you, you can be featured on the explore page, you’ll be featured on the brands page. Just please don’t over tag! Can we put a maximum of 10 tags on a post?! Seriously, is there anything more annoying than scrolling through your feed and having to scroll through Becky’s 500 #likeforlike hashtags!

    Sorry, went on a bit of a tangent there on tagging, back to captions. Tell your story! Your caption represents you and your brand, a caption might be the first interaction that a consumer may have with your brand, make it a good first impression.

    Captions also inspire engagement.. people may comment, tag their friends, have a discussion etc. They don’t have to be pages long, take a look at my Instagram, my captions are never longer than a sentence but I’ll always try to add a bit of humour to them to get my personality across.2e6e48688c67184ff1848653bd691721.png

  4. Be Consistent
    So, this obviously goes hand in hand with staying on brand. But besides that, as cliché as it may sound consistency is key! If you say you’re going to post every Tuesday and Thursday then make sure you post every Tuesday and Thursday. After a while your audience will realize these are the days you post and they will start getting excited for your posts on these days. For example, I know YouTuber Jamie Genevieve has a vlog every Sunday at 5pm.. what am I doing on Sunday evening? I’m watching her and her dog run around Glasgow.

    Maybe you have a meeting on Tuesday and you certainly won’t have time to post? .. Schedule it! In my job, every single one of the social media posts are scheduled, even outside of work my blog posts are scheduled for peak times (I’ll do a post on how to schedule posts soon).61oWxoPnUlL._SL1000_.jpg

  5. Collaborations & Boosting Posts

    Unfortunately, with all of these new algorithms disrupting the social flow, putting budget behind your social media has never been more needed.

    If you’re a bigger brand, no doubt you will have money to allocate to your social media budget, however.. if you’re just starting out more than likely you’re not going to have the funds to put €50 behind every post.

    here are ways around this 😉

    – Pick one post a week and boost it by €5.. this may increase your reach to an extra 200 people
    – Collaborations.. these don’t need to be paid collabs! Pick bloggers with a smaller following and send them free products! If they like it, nine times out of ten they’ll post about it, it looks great for them that brands are reaching out!
    – If you’re a blogger or your brand has a blog.. do guest posts! Find a blogger similar to yourself (but different) and ask them to write a post for your blog and in return you’ll write one for theirs! Simple 🙂 This way you’re opening up your audience to new, fresh information and you’re also gaining new followers and traffic from the other bloggers audience.

    On the subject of boosting.. please don’t just boost the post.. target your audience! Pick the gender, pick the age group, pick three interests associated with your brand, pick the area! This will decrease the reach but you’re describing your niche and will gain loyal followers from this.

And there you have it 🙂

I had intended for this post to be short but you know me.. can’t stop rambling! As usual, if you have any questions leave a comment below, email me or slide into my DM’s on Instagram here

Until next time,

April x



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