25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me…

If ye haven’t gathered from previous blog posts that I am absolutely traumatized by turning 25 this week (the 21st of April to be exact)… I’m up in a heap! I feel like I need to have my life together by now aaaand lets just say my mom still does my washing!

In light of this event I’ve decided to let you get to know me a bit better and I’ve compiled this list of 25 extremely random things about myself you defo didn’t know 🙂 .. Can I just say how hard it is to think of random facts about yourself? I got stuck after 3 haaa

  1. I re-watch movies/shows that I’ve already seen every night before I go sleep .. I can not watch a new movie before I go to sleep because I’ll need to know the ending.. so I have a pile of DVDs in my room that I just pop on when I hop into bed. I must have seen “Just Go With It” 117 times by now and I’ve seen every episode of friends at least 22 times 😛
  2. I’m an only child.. okay so this isn’t exactly ground breaking information but yes I have no siblings, just me, myself and I!
  3. I’m hyper-mobile… my physio described this to me as being more than double jointed! Are you freaked out? haha I can do the most bizzare things, just ask me about my party trick next time you see me out! 😉 It isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, I used to be a hurdler when I was younger (it was my fav event) and because of my joints being able to pop out of place, I was constantly injured 😦
  4. I have two permanent moods.. tired and hungry. I can eat and sleep anywhere, anytime. Literally! You know when people say “I can’t nap during the day” naaah not me, you could ask me at 2pm to lie on the floor to take a nap and I’d be conked in two seconds haha
  5. I can only cook Italian food.. I can make an unreal spaghetti bol, lasagna and a homemade pizza but if you ask me to cook you a Sunday Roast, you’ll be waiting a while 🙂
  6. If I could do my time over I think I’d be a secondary school teacher.. literally just for the hours and the holidays. Imagine having 3 months of the summer off paid and Christmas and Easter??
  7. I need to put savings away every week or I’ll lose the plot haha
  8. I’ll only rescue my pets.. I have never nor will I ever buy a dog. There are so many in the dog shelters who have been abandoned or abused and are just looking for a loving home ❤ I rescued my newest baby Cooper (named after Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory) from the CSPCA in February and he’s the cutest most lovable dog ever.. even if he does eat all of my shoes.. I mean look at how cute he is!
  9. I love being alone.. like is there anything better than going home, there’s nobody there, you pop on fresh pajamas, make a bitta food (in my case grab biscuits from the press) and curl up on the couch and watch whatever you want? Bliss. I love my own company, I think it probably comes from being an only child.
  10. I’m the biggest worrier.. it may seem like I have it together (kind of) but inside I’m worried about everything.. right  now I’m worried about what I’m going to eat for dinner and what I need to pack for my weekend away.. okay so they’re insignificant worries but we’ve been through this in my last post haha
  11. I have really traditional values.. I believe in marriage, kids, owning a house etc. Granted, of course I know this isn’t for everyone and each to their own but it’s something I’ve always envisioned for myself since I was a kid.
  12. I don’t listen to the radio, I only listen to podcasts. I hate hearing all of the horrific stories on the news every hour on the hour! I get my news from the Daily Mail and Twitter. I lovepodcasts! I love listening to people’s opinions on things, learning stuff and listening to interviews! If any of you listen to any good podcasts, let me know! 🙂
  13. I prefer my toast done on one side.. have you ever tried it? My gran used to make it for me in the grill when I was small and she’d only ever toast one side and then put some honey on it. I’ve loved it this way ever since ❤
  14. I’m an old soul.. I love old music (70’s, 80’s, 90’s) and old movies .. Audrey Hepburn is my woman ❤
  15. I need to buy myself something every week like treat yo selfI feel like I work so hard that I deserve something, like what’s the point in working if you can’t buy yourself something nice at the end of the week?! Last week I bought myself mom jeans, earrings, and my car insurance (traumatic experience but that’s another story).
  16. I can count my best friends on one hand and I don’t even need every finger haha .. I have severe trust issues when it comes to people. I’d rather have a small group of best friends who I can trust with my life rather than a group of 20 “besties” who you are more than likely having the chats about you behind your back.
  17. I’m very upfront and I can’t hide my feelings. If I have a problem with something I’ll say it (in a nice way obv haha). I’m an extremely honest person (I hate liars, is there anything worse than a lie?). I also can’t hide my feelings! If I’m miserable you’ll be able to tell from a mile away.. surprisingly though when I play poker I have an amazing poker face haha
  18. I love mafia movies and shows.. I actually don’t know why but I just love their lifestyle, pure hustlers haha.. If you haven’t watched the movie Goodfellas, cancel your evening plans and watch it tonight aaand if you’re looking for a new series to watch, Sopranos won’t fail you!
  19. I can’t go to the gym in the morning.. no thank you. How do people get up at 6am and exercise before work? What is wrong?! Do you not need all of the sleep you can get?! I’m useless before 10am.
  20. I buy new socks every week! You know the 7 pack in Penneys for €3? This isn’t because of some phobia I have of socks, this is simply because no matter how many pairs of socks I buy, I lose them! I put them into the wash basket, they go into the washing and somehow never end up back in my room.. there must be a hidden room full of socks in my house somewhere haha
  21. If I’m at home, I will be in pajamas.. if you’re not going anywhere why are you putting on jeans to walk around your house?? If I got home at 1pm I’d hop straight back into my pajamas and would have no shame wearing them for the rest of the day haha
  22. I’m petrified of wrinkles like pet-ri-fied! I’ve seriously been considering getting preventative Botox in my forehead but everyone keeps stopping me 😦 haha.. I’m a sucker for moisturizers, serums, oils..anything that says “reduces appearance of wrinkles” I’m all over it.
  23. I lovebad jokes .. like I LOVE them! Ever see Pulp Fiction? Remember the joke about the tomato?? Let me do a recap for you .. three tomatoes are walking down the street- a poppa tomato, a mamma tomato, and a little baby tomato. Baby tomato starts lagging behind. poppa tomato gets angry, goes over to the baby tomato, and smooshes him… and says, catch up!” .. lads I had to pause the TV for about 15 minutes I was laughing so hard hahaha
  24. My favourite place in the world is Rosscarbery.. there’s nothing down there but it just makes me feel so peaceful. I’ve gone there every year since I was born, I’d spend every summer down there up until I was about 17. It’s my happy place, there’s nothing but good memories.. it’s where I’m heading this weekend to celebrate my birthday 🙂
  25. Finally, the most random fact about me is…. I believe in aliens (didn’t I tell you at the start I was struggling with facts?) Like we can’t be the only “creatures” in the entire universe?? Space fascinates me! We went to the Natural History Musuem in New York (side fact, if you travel with me you’ll be dragged to museums, I love history) and I spent a good 2 hours in the Space section haha.. one of my fav shows is The Big Bang Theory.

So, there you have it, feel like you know me a bit better? Am I what you expected? haha.. I feel like it’s so hard to get what you’re really like across on social media!

Try and write 25 facts about yourself and see how hard it is! haha

selfie gettheskinny

Until next time,

April x



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