What I Bought This Week…

I have a slight spending problem.. when I say “slight” I mean I could (always) buy whatever I want and don’t have a second thought about not having enough in my account for petrol haha. To be fair, I save every week and most of my money is spent on food (I‘ll do a post soon on my fav places to eat) but you know I have to treat myself with new clothes, make-up or skin care items every week yeah?

This week was no exception! No self-control.

Let’s start with clothes shall we?

Mom Jeans from Penneys!
I’ve wanted a pair of mom jeans foreverrrr but I have very muscly legs so finding mom jeans that didn’t cling to every inch of my leg was a struggle! Enter Penneys. I never buy jeans from Penneys, ever! But I stumbled across these ones when I was in Dublin last week working and they are the perfect fit!! I picked up a size 10 – they’re a bit big on the waist but I need the 10 for my hips and thunder thighs ha! They have belt loops though (life changing) so I popped my Gucci belt on them and off I went 🙂

Primark Mom Jeans

They were only €19!!

Jeggings (I hate that word) from Bershka
These are my fav jeans of all time – I literally own 12 pairs in different colours! They are the perfect dupe for the Joni jeans in Topshop and only cost €12.99!! You can get these here. They’re highwaisted, skin tight and make the bum look nice and perky.. winning! I picked up the dark blue denim ones this week. Can I just point out I find it extremely hard to find jeans that fit me? I’ve a very small waist then big hips, big ass, muscly thighs and muscly calves.

Bershka Jeans.jpg

Slogan Tee from Bershka
€5 lads. €5. Can’t go wrong. I love these t-shirts to throw on with a pair of high-waisted jeans when you’re running around doing a few bits. It’s so comfy and so soft! Of course, I can’t find it online and it’s currently in the wash so I can’t take a pic but it’s just a plain white cropped t-shirt with black writing on the front 🙂

Multi-Coloured Body from Penneys
This is to go inside my mom jeans for a bit of a 90’s vibe! I’m not gonna lie, it’s not the most comfortable as the button part is a bit thick but it’s graaaand for €6!

Penneys Bodysuit.jpg

My one isn’t on the website – but it’s identical to this but has spaggetti straps instead of being a bandeau 🙂

Clairns Double Serum
If you follow me on Insta you would have seen I popped into Kelly at the Clairns counter in Sam McAuley’s last Friday for a skin consultation. OF COURSE I had to buy things then, we know what I’m like with my skincare! (I’ll do a post on this soon I promise I’m just trying out a few new things first). So, this serum… life changing. Where has it been? You’d wanna see my skin since I started using it. Now, it’s pricey, but it’s so worth it!! It’s €72 for the 30ml bottle and you can purchase here 🙂
Clairns Double Serum.jpg
Clairns UV Plus SPF 50
Are you using a high SPF on your face every day? If you’re not you need to start! It’s the only thing that’s going to prevent you from getting wrinkles! I used to always think I had this covered with my factor 15 in my moisturiser and foundation but Kelly told me anything as low as this is useless… we know how I feel about wrinkles so of course I had to buy this too!! This is €38 and also acts as an anti-pollutant 🙂 (yes I know a bit expensive for SPF but let me live).

Kelly is the absolute dream and she gave me some samples of other things to try so I’ll be popping back out over the next few weeks to pick up some more bits.

Nars Foundation
LADS NARS IS FINALLY IN CORK!! I nearly hugged the girl at the counter in Brown Thomas with excitement!

In I went anyway, wanting to try the new foundation The Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation because I’ve heard beauty bloggers rave about it and the girl who was helping me showed it to me on my skin – it was a velvety, suede finish. What do I love? Dew! So I stuck with my OG, my fav, All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in shade Stromboli… again pricey at €45 but sure I’m addicted!

A Full Body Swedish Massage
Okay, this isn’t an item but I never invest in massages but I decided to treat myself for the birthday and it was worth it! Never in my life was I so relaxed! I got my massage in The Celtic Ross Hotel in Rosscarbery and it was unreal! I’ll actually happily make the hour trip down the road every other month for this massage! €60 for a full hour!! Sure I was weak!

Alflorex Probiotic.
Just buy it. You need probiotics in your life. This is the best. That’s all you need to know. No, seriously I swear by it! I get mine in Horgan’s Pharmacy at the end of Barracks St in Cork for €30 something. Just a disclosure, the Tesco brand or whatever probiotics for €2 you may as well be popping Skittles in your mouth. You need to invest in a good probiotic!
Weekly Tablet Holder
Yes I’m 80 years old haha. I take so many vitamins and probiotics etc it’s just easier to pop them into this instead of lugging jars up to Aaron’s whenever I stay or when I’m travelling. Sure you know I love being organised 😛

Well, that’s all I bought so far this week.. next on my list is a salt lamp. If any of you have one that you like that isn’t going to break the bank can you drop me a DM on Instagram and lemme know thaaaaanks 🙂

Until next time,

April x



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