What’s in My “Going Out” Make-Up Bag…

Did you think I was just gonna leave ye with my everyday work make-up bag? Nah! we’ve done that bag now it’s onto my “luxury” make-up bag.. this is full of high-end products for when I wanna look a bit extra or when I feel like treating myself .. you deserve girl, you deserve!

Little disclosure.. don’t buy all of this at once or you won’t have a cent left! Let me tell you a story about when I bought all of it (okay not every singlething) at once … I was in New York last year and made a list of what I wanted before I went to Sephora (the list stopped me from browsing which would have been so dangerous so yes it was necessary haha). We landed in New York, checked into our hotel and got the subway straight to Times Square and within 5 minutes I had located Sephora.. I kindly asked Aaron to stay outside because I knew this was going to be a dangerous shop and he wouldn’t understand. Of course because I asked him to stay outside he insisted on coming in. Anyway, whipped out my list and got my “few” bits, rocked up to the til and there we were… $700. Yup. $700 and I didn’t even get everything on the list so I made two more trips to Sephora during my time in New York… both were vuuuuryexpensive. All was good though, I was made a Sephora VIB (yes B not P) and I’m now given free gifts every time I shop there. Winning!

Sephora Haul

Taken from my Instagram after that first day in NYC….broke!

Okay, will we start with the base? Lads, I ain’t gonna lie, my Flomar primer is still my be all and end all primer butif you don’t like the tan glow that Flomar gives and want a more natural glow then the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer is my next go to! It’s kinda light peach in tone and has highlight throughout. You can pick it up here for €41 and it has SPF 30!! I love efficiency so if you can get a good SPF in a primer then I’m all over it! The dream 🙂


Foundation… again my Nars Luminous Weightless is my thing like we all know how obsessed I am but for nights out where I wanna look like I don’t have a pore and be fullcoverage I’ll wear MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC30 (get NC for a yellow/cool tone and NW for a red/warmer tone). I’ve worn this since I was a teenager and I always have a bottle in my make up kit. It is heavier than the Nars and isn’t as dewy as I would like but drop a bit of the MAC Prep & Prime Facial Oil into it and you’re sorted. You can pick it up here for €32.


We’ve spoken about how much I love concealerhaven’t we?? My favourite and I mean favourite concealer of all time is the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade Custard. Like, you cannot go wrong with this concealer! The only downfall is I fly through it! So I have to use it sparingly.. it breaks my little heart every time I run out of it 😦 You can purchase here for €29.50. It will change your under eye forever.


Contourstick.. c’mon now we going OUT.. my fav is MAC Matchmaster Concealer.. yes it’s a concealer but don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. I use the shade 7.5 or 8.5 if I’m tanned from hols and you can get it here for €23.50. It’s just the most blend-able contour of all time and because it’s a concealer it offers a bit of coverage 😉 The fact that is is also in stick form means you can be more precise and sculptthat jaw line!

Matchmaster_Concealer (1).jpg

In terms of powder– I mentioned my two absolute favs (MAC Studio Fix Powder for the face and MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in light for under the eye) in my previous make up post which you can read here .. however if MAC isn’t your fav, my next go to would defo be Laura Mercier! The Translucent Loose Setting Powder to set the face (purchase here for €42) and The Secret Brightening Powder to set the under eye, you can purchase here for €27 🙂 The Secret Brightening Powder is aaaaamazing!! It just blurs everything! The only reason I prefer the MAC one is the colour – the Laura Mercier one can cause a bit of flashback as it’s so bright.

My favourite bronzerof all time, like all time is the Nars Laguna Bronzer! The consistency is out of this world, genuinely blends like a dream! The colour, OMG I can’t even describe, it’s like the perfect gold bronze that makes you look like you’re a goddess of the sun! The only down side is you hit pan on it so fast 😦 I have to use it so sparingly, that’s why I only wear it for those times I wanna look hun-real. You can get it here for €39 🙂


For blush, we’re gonna stick with Nars (can ye tell I love the brand?) .. Orgasm Blush is just everything! It’s the perfect pink with tiny flecks of gold that just make your skin look radiant! I’m usually not a lover of pink blush but there’s just something about this one ❤ You can find it here for €32.


Highlight… are you sitting down? Because you’re about to witness the most beautiful highlight everrrr… MAC Oh Darling! Can we take a moment? Can. We. Take. A. Moment. Just look at the picture below, that’s all I have to say. Seriously, the most divine highlight there ever was. It’s the perfect gold shade.. I don’t like a silver highlight, it ain’t natural enough for me you know? You can get it here for €31.50 🙂

Eyebrows– exact same as my last post, my trusted Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. Don’t change a good thing ya know? You can get it here for £19.


Eyeshadow.. I’m all about a good pallet! Invest in a good one where you love all of the colours and it will last you! My fav pallet ever is one I made myself when I was working in MAC but if you were to buy all of the eye-shadows individually now you’d be paying over €100 for the pallet and I couldn’t tell you to do that 🙂 Sooo, a pallet I’d recommend would be The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Pallet.. now this pallet isn’t for everyone and the colours might terrify some of you but I lovethem! I love a warm colour pallet and these colours compliment each other so well and blend to perfection! the transition shades in this are everything! You can get it here for £43.ana056_anastasiabeverlyhills_modernrenaissanceeyeshadowpalette_1_1560x1960-ghh6u.jpg

Black eyeliner? Look no further than the Kat Von D Tattoo Liquid Liner. It’s perfect! It makes getting that extra sharp wing so easy and it lasts all day/all night. Also, for a liquid pen it doesn’t dry out like most liquid liner pens. Mine lasted me a good 7 months! You can get it here for €20.

liquid liner.png

Mascara.. defo Two Faced, Better Than Sex! You’ll have the thickest and longest lashes of your life! And it doesn’t smudge! You can investin this wonderful mascara here for €23!.. Only thing is it doesn’t have a primer so I’ll rob the primer from my L’oreal mascara before I apply this one 😉

better than sex.png

Like just look at that brush!!

Lips… I go a bit darker than my usual when I’m going out so I’ll pop on a bit of Whirl lip liner from MAC, you can get it here for €17.50 and I’ll either pair it with the Whirl lipstick or Yash lipstick also from MAC, you can get them here for €20.


To set it all I then spray MAC Fix Plus (my custom one – see here for deets) all over ma face and off I go! Done.

There you have it, you’ll be just as broke as me 🙂 I swear by all of these products and I’d use them everyday if I could afford it haha. If you have any questions about anything I’ve mentioned above drop me a line and I’ll be happy to go through everything with you 🙂

Until next time,




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