My Essential Guide to Packing….

I actually LOVE it! Like I love packing! I know, most of you probably hate it but I love organization and a plan as you’ve probably gathered by now 🙂 For example, I’m going to Paris tomorrow and have been thinking about what I’m going to pack for about two months now… psycho? Yes, that’s me, hi how are ya?

Let me just say, I went to Portugal for 10 days and didn’t check in a bag. Yeaaaah! I only brought carry on! This is the level of efficiency we’re going for people because I can not stress enough how much I hate lugging bags around when I’m travelling. I am the worst person to fly with. Aaron always says he’s going to record me the next time we fly and he’ll make a fortune from the video haha. I can’t deal with the crowds, the queue’s, the screaming children, the people walking in 75 different directions, always being stopped for a random security check, people rolling suitcases over my toes, the disgusting cups of airport coffee, dragging 4 bags to the car and then into the hotel while dripping in sweat. No. Just no. This is why I need one wheelie bag and my handbag.

Until I can get my own private jet with my own private airport (yes that day will come 😛 ) I’ve learned the art of efficient packing to keep my travel anxiety at bay.

Now that you know how insane I am.. here’s the drill…

  1. Your suitcase – just to be particular, invest in one with four wheels instead of two. Just trust me on this one, it will change your life. You’re also gonna wanna grab one with loads of compartments for organisation purposes 🙂 Actually, while I’m at it I might as well tell you to grab a few small bags like makeup bags as well.. we’ll get to that later..
  2. Outfits and shoes – one word people, just one, plan. I used to be soooo bad for flinging everything I owned into a bag and jetting off on holidays only to wear a handful of things I brought with me. Not anymore! I now plan every outfit! Let’s just use Paris as an example throughout this post to keep it flowing. I have four days and four nights in Paris so I will pack 8 specific outfits down to my daily pairs of socks.  Now, of course I’ll be bringing jeans so I can substitute these in for two outfits (pack a few things you can do this with to save space). Don’t pack any heavy jackets etc. in the case, wear them going. My favourite way to pack things is fold and roll.. lads the amount of space you’ll save! It also stops them from getting so wrinkled! Win win. In terms of shoes, I’m bringing two pairs to Paris, I’ll be wearing one pair going and the other will be in the case. Unless you’re going to a fashion week you should literally need only three pairs of shoes. Like where are you going?9997309c948d892608a670f51255f602.jpg
  3. Hair Styling Tools – take the hair dryer out of your suitcase. Where are you going that doesn’t have a hair dryer? Everywhere has a hair dryer, like I’ve literally never gone somewhere where there hasn’t been one. If there’s none in the room you ask reception and they’ll have one. The only hair tool you’ll find wedged into the side of my suitcase is my GHD – straight or curly girls, one tool. Efficient. And obviously my hairbrush!
  4. Toiletries – ok, you’re gonna wanna keep these in your handbag, nobody likes the effort of having to unzip the suitcase at security! Just while I’m on this point, keep phones, iPads, laptops la la la basically anything that needs to be in the tray at security in your handbag for ease of access 🙂 Anyway, back to toiletries, you know those little bags you get in Penneys with the travel bottles – yesss you want this! Best invention ever! I don’t wanna be lugging tubs of shampoos and moisturizers with me especially since there isn’t enough room in those stupid little plastic bags! “Only one per person please” Pfffft. So, take your skincare routine with you obv, SPF, bitta body moisturizer and shampoo and conditioner. Stop then. You don’t need anything else, you just need the essentials, you don’t need 5 bottles of nail varnish. Into a makeup bag for organisational purposes then.
  5. Make-up – this is the hardest thing for me.. like how do you pick your favourite children? Trying to narrow down what to bring with me is killerrrr! I wanna look fire for all of the Insta’s ya know? So, pallets, pallets and more pallets. The more options I can bring in the least amount of space the better. Get a nice bronzer, blush and highlighter pallet – like this one and a good eye-shadow pallet (I love this one and this one). Then go for nude lips. Pop all of this into a make-up bag then. Done.
  6. Bits – you know the bits like? Hair clips, go-go’s, plasters (always be prepared for blisters haha), sunglasses, headphones, lip block, phone charger.. bits. Guess where we’re going to put them? You guessed it… into a make-up bag 🙂
  7. Jewelry – I love holiday jewelry.. hoops, ankle bracelets, arm cuffs. Weak. Again, trying to pick your favs is an impossible task. Try to bring them all the same colour so you can just mix and match and you can’t go wrong with a pair of hoops 🙂 I usually run into Penneys and pick up a few cheap bits before I jet off, at least then if I lose them I won’t be trauma. Into a little bag and off you go!
  8. Folder – here’s my OCD kicking in ..I literally look like a nutcase at the airport. I have everything printed – we’re talking boarding passes, air coach tickets, hotel details, travel insurance, passport, copy of passport.. etc. Having them all in one place is so efficient and life changing. Yes you look like a tool but you won’t have to rummage through your bags to find all of your info 🙂 Trust me on this one. I use those plastic envelope folders like this one…20-Pieces-Plastic-Envelopes-Poly-Envelope-With-Snap-Button-Closure-Plastic-Folders-Premium-Quality-Document-Folder.jpg
  9. Time Killing Material.. can you go wrong with a good book? I love reading on holidays! It’s the best way to kill time at the airport. The most recent series I’ve read is Sylvia Day Crossfire Series… girls it’s better than 50 Shades! Swear, you won’t be able to put it down! You can get the series here. Besides books, download some podcasts on Spotify 🙂                                                                                                                                There you go now, the most efficient suitcase you will ever see 🙂 I’ll see ye after Paris, au revoir! April #GetTheSkinny

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