My Time in Paris…

Je suis très désolé, je ne parle pas français. Parlez-vous anglais? .. Am I French now? Learn this saying and you’ll get by just fine in France haha.. Puis-je commander deux verres de vin s’il vous plaît ? Learn this too, it’s how you order two glasses of white wine ha!

So, where do I begin? Lads, I fell head over heels in love with Paris! It’s literally the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to! If you haven’t been then seriously put it on your list for a weekend away, you won’t regret it!


So even though I live in Cork I always fly from Dublin.. yes it’s painful getting up in the middle of the night to get the Air Coach but the flights are a third of the price! We got direct, return flights with Aer Lingus for €80pp which is fab 🙂 If you’re going to Paris in the next few months, book your flights with Aer Lingus as there are loads of strikes happening at the moment in France and Ryanair are cancelling flights left right and center! Aer Lingus haven’t cancelled any yet 🙂


Air BnB lads, Air BnB!! Whyyyy are you spending hundreds and hundreds on small hotel rooms you’re not going to be in that much? We got the most beautiful, chic Parisian apartment 20 mins away from the Eiffel Tower for soooo cheap! We had the entire place to ourselves! If you’re going to Paris, drop me a message and I’ll send you the link! It was so beautiful!

Paris Flat.JPG

Things I Did..

I’m literally the definition of a tourist when I go to cities like this! I have to see everything! And that’s exactly what I did 🙂 I always do the Hop On Hop Off bus tours – this way you get to drive around the city, take in the stunning views and get off the bus at all of the stops you wanna see. We did the Big Bus Tour and it €40 each for two days and soooo worth it!

The Eiffel Tower, obviously! We went there day and night. Lads, it’s honestly unbelievable like pictures don’t do it justice, it’s insane! We didn’t go up it because the queue’s were a mile long but we did the light show at night. Oh my gaaawd, seriously one of the coolest, most romantic things I’ve ever seen. To top it off then there are people walking around selling cheap chilled bottles of wine and beer! Winning! 

32977000_10155597796897333_7326867147848679424_n.jpgShout out to the garcon’s for ruining my pic!

The Louvre, okay so it was breath taking, the architecture and the area itself are amazing! But can I be honest? When I got inside I was so over whelmed I couldn’t enjoy it properly, there is too much to see! 35,000 pieces to be exact! So, if you’re going either make a plan with a Louvre map or get a guide! We didn’t do either and I was like a grump trying to navigate my way around the biggest museum everrrr! Not to mention my feet were falling off me. I think I read somewhere on Trip Adviser or something if you walked all the floors in the building it’s 14km? But don’t quote me on that haha. Anyway, I’ll stop whingeing now because I actually did love it, swear 🙂 I saw Mona herself, fab! Like unreal to see! Just force your way through the crowd 🙂 , the most stunning paintings and sculptures, Marie Antoinette’s gaff, King Louis’ pad and the fine jewels ya know? It’s worth the trip alone just to sit outside it’s so stunning and you’ll love all of the art if you can plan what you want to see 🙂

32940900_10155597797087333_5923566745150291968_n.jpgThat’s me there cracking the Da Vinci code..

Arc De Triomphe, excuse me?! NO-ONE told me there was a lift!! I nearly had heart failure going up those stairs!! 284 apparently but it felt like 17,000! Once I could breathe again I stopped to take in the views. Blown away. Genuinely blown away! You can see all of Paris for miles, it’s so stunning! Worth the climb up! There actually aren’t words to describe how insanely beautiful this city is. There is so much history involved with this monument that you should definitely read up on it if that kinda thing interests you … Then I had to walk back down the steps again 🙂



The Lock Bridge.. better known as Pont des Arts! Cause we cute like that! Yes me and Aaron locked our love in Paris ❤ Don’t be alarmed when you get to the bridge and you can’t see any locks, they took it down last year!! *insert eye roll here* A new one was started recently so for the moment the locks are just around the pillars on the bridge but it’s so cute I can’t deal. Sure being the romantic I am, I was weak.. dunno how Aaron felt about me making him put his name on a heart shaped lock and attaching it to a bridge but sure look, I was happy haha.


Napoleon’s Tomb.. I didn’t want to see this because it genuinely didn’t interest me but sure I went anyway to keep himself happy. SEVEN coffins your man has, all stacked inside the other. It was cool to see I must admit but the war museum wasn’t for me so I left Aaron do his thing in there and I went to the cafe 🙂 I’m weird, like I love history but when it comes to history stuff about war like uniforms, strategies and weapons, I really couldn’t care less. Like, I wanna know about the people and their families and what they went through. But if you like the weapon and uniform side of it then definitely go to the war museum by Napoleon’s tomb.

Tomb-of-Napoleon-Musée-de-l’Armée-Invalides-Paris-France-800x450.jpgIt’s alright like 😛 

Champs Elysees.. I would have spent all of my time here. I loved it! It’s the best street for shopping and restaurants in Paris.. now it’s 85% designer bare that in mind with a H&M and Zara thrown in for good measure 🙂 Go into Louis Vuitton! It’s an experience trust me! The Champs Elysee is the beautiful strip between the Arc De Triomphe and Place de la Concorde. It’s full of gorgeous bakeries where you can get fresh croissants and macroon’s, restaurants and bars. Just go there. Seriously.. oh!! and it has a Sephora and a MAC!! 🙂

Champs-Elysées-nuit-_-550x278-_-©-Thinkstock.jpgI know! Divine!

L’Opera.. or better known as Palais Garnier, is the birth place of Phantom of The Opera, anyone else obsessed or just me?! Just me? K. The architecture in this place is so incredible and so detailed I think I could actually say it’s probably one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen! And to top it off it’s in the cutest area! Right next to Galeries Lafayette which is a huge designer shopping center and surrounded by delicious restaurants and cafe’s. It was in this area I tricked Aaron to go for lunch with me in a restaurant with a TV so I could watch the Royal Wedding..snaaakey me haha.

OperaLets take a moment of silence..

Notre-Dame.. couldn’t for the life of me find Quasimodo! ha! It’s a beautiful church and a beautiful area but if there’s a really long queue then don’t bother 🙂 But do go to the area it’s full of cafe’s and artists and flower shops, it’s beaut and full of culture!


Walk along the Seine.. this was probably one of my fav things I did. Along the river are loads of art stalls filled with beautiful paintings, old books, records and antiques. You will literally feel like you are absorbing the Parisian culture.. and it’s so chill!

Places to Eat

I was warned before I went over it was insanely expensive… it’s the exact same as here!! The only difference if fizzy drinks are €6 and the wine is cheaper! Now, like here if you wanted to find an expensive place to eat, you’ll find it. Food prices are the exact same. I must say though, I was shocked by the types of food? I felt like I was in Italy, it was all pizzas, pastas, burgers and the odd chicken curry thrown in for good measure.

The boulangerie’s or the bakeries are diviiiiiine!! I’d be 10 stone heavier if I lived in Paris ha! Fresh croissants and cakes every morning for breakfast and fresh crispy banquettes for lunch! And they are so cheap! Also, the nicest macaroons of all time 🙂 But you have been warned about putting on 10 stone haha.

Two of my fav places to eat were George Von Champs Elysees and Cafe L’Opera (next to the Opera mentioned above). They were the same prices as here and had set menu options 🙂


The metro.. will bring you all over Paris! Get a visitor pass, 3 days is €26 for unlimited uses. I will say though you’d need a metro degree to try and figure out how to get to some of the places but after a day or so it gets easier!

For museums and tourist attractions, if you’re 25 or under bring your ID (driving license or passport) and you get in for free 🙂

Give yourself time when planning a day of visiting museums etc. especially if you’re walking! Things are within walking distance from each other but on average it will take you about 30 mins to get from one place to the next.

Wear flats, don’t bother bringing heels! I didn’t wear my heels once, there is so much walking to do and a lot of the streets are cobbled. So save that space in your suitcase for your trip to Sephora 🙂

I did so so so much in Paris that I actually can’t remember it all but mostly I drank wine, ate cheese and bread and walked around admiring the beautiful city. I’ll 100% be back there soon ❤

Au revoir,

April x



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