My Go-To Make-Up Brushes…

For de hunz.

You could buy the nicest make-up on planet earth but if you don’t have the right tools then girl you might as well go make-up free! The tools you use are everything! A lovely damp beauty blender, some fluffy brushes, a sharp angle brush and a good brush cleaner are what ya need.

Some of the brushes I’m gonna mention below are on the pricey side but so worth it, I have them since the dawn of time and others are v. affordable and fab!

The Beauty Blender.. my absolute staple!! I could use a Beauty Blender for everything! I’ve used it for foundation, for concealer, concealer setting powder, actual face powder, contour, to clean the dishes.. jokin’! haha. But seriously, if there’s one thing you need from this list, it’s this! My favourite is the original beauty blender (I use the black one). I have tried others like the Real Techniques but I always go back to the original. I currently have 4 in my make up kit with 2 new spare in case! They’re €17.50 on Beauty Bay here and you’ll wanna change it every 3 months 🙂 You can pick up blender cleaner in the make-up section in Penneys for €1.50 and it’s the dream!

beauty blender.jpg

Foundation Brush.. this is a hard one to pick because I literally have multiple as there are so many different types but if I had to choose I probably use the MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush the most. I love this because it’s big and blends in your foundation so quick and seamlessly. Ideal for when you’re rushing out the door to work in the morning! I’ve used this brush since I was about 15 years 10 years!! And I’ll probably be using it until I’m 80 🙂 You can pick it up here for €42. Trust me, it’s an investment! You can also get a mini version of this in MAC as well, I use it to cream contour make-up clients.


Concealer Brush.. I usually use my finger or beauty blender for my under eye concealer on the day to day but when I want it to be full coverage for a night out or if I’m putting it on a client I’ll use the Zoeva 142 Concealer and Buffer Brush and just pack on the concealer to hide my Prada bags! It’s very dense so it’s perfect to build up coverage. You can get it here for only €10 🙂

Powder Brush .. okay I have two.. one for my face and one for my neck! Lemme explain, for my face I want a nice soft brush that’s going to lightly apply powder and bronzer to my face, for my neck I need a big, soft brush that’s also a bit dense so I can go hell for leather on the bronzer to blend my entire neck in a timely fashion.. get me? The softer the brush the less coverage and the denser the brush the more coverage. I can’t cope when people don’t bronze their neck to match their face. Bitch blend! Sooo, for my face I use the MAC 150 Large Powder Brush, it’s perfect for a light layer of powder if you want to keep your skin looking dewy 🙂 You can get it here for €49.50, again pricey but you’ll have it for years and you’ll use it every day 🙂 My “neck brush” then is from Real Techniques. It’s the Real Techniques Powder Brush 1401, perfect for bronzer! You can grab it in Boots for €18.99.




Blusher Brush.. I love love love the Real Techniques 1407 Blusher Brush. It’s the perfect dome shape and is so soft! It gives the perfect amount of coverage for blush. I like mine applied very naturally to just give a bit of healthy colour. You can grab the one I use in Boots for €14.99.

download (2).png

Highlight Brush.. I use the R36 Morphe Pointed Highlighter Brush.. it’s lovely and fluffy so will give you a subtle, natural glow (I don’t wanna look like the Tin Man thanks). You can purchase here for €10 🙂


Powder Contour Brush.. Real Techniques again lads, you can’t go wrong 🙂 So to powder contour.. like literally just the line below my cheek bone that’s it, I use the Real  Techniques Contour Brush, I can’t find it on the Boots website but it’s showing up at €6.95 on the iHerb website so I’m presuming it’s the same price in Boots 🙂


Eyebrow Brush… Sharp and angled is all I need in my life. I’m obsessed with the Inglot 31T brush. I’ve big eyebrows (thank god) and this is the perfect angled brush that really helps define your brows but it doesn’t take all day! You can get it in Inglot for €14.


Eyeshadow Brushes… okay, I have dozens and dozens of these but I’m gonna give you my 4 staples. The first being the MAC 224, I think this is my fav! I use this literally every single day. It’s a large, fluffy eyeshadow brush that blends out your crease. You can get it here for €32.50. My next must have is the MAC 217. This is amazing for defining your crease and it gives a perfect blend 🙂 You can get it here for €26. To pack shadow on the lid I use the MAC (shock) 239 Shader Brush. This is the perfect size for the lid and gives serious results when packing on the colour. It’s available here for €26. Finally, to blend out/smudge pencil liners or to smudge out eyeshadow in general, the MAC 219 Pencil Brush is the dream! I’m obsessed with it, it just gives the perfect smoldering eye look. You can get it here for €26.

           mac_sku_S7JY01_640x600_0.jpg       mac_sku_S6H401_640x600_0.jpg

download (3)mac_sku_S7HY01_640x600_0 (1)

I’m very aware that it would cost a small fortune to buy all of these at once, so do what I did when building a brush collection; start with two or three and build from there and if you know someone going to America, ask them to pick up the MAC brushes for you as they are cheaper over there 🙂

As always, if you have any questions at all, slide into my DM’s 🙂

Until next time,

April x





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