Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts and Books to Keep You Going

Sitting here on my couch, sipping coffee, writing a blog on Paddy’s Day… there’s a first.

The last few weeks haven’t felt real have they? I think we can all take a positive from this and take this time to rest and rejuvenate – take a break from our chaotic lives. Read, listen, watch, exercise, draw, write, play games, teach yourself new things, meditate and be still. Every cloud and all that!

Fortunately, my life won’t change too much as I have the ability to work from home so I won’t have that much free time on my hands! Buuut as someone that loves reading, watching movies and listening to podcasts on the daily anyway, I have an extensive list that should definitely keep you going for a few weeks 🙂


Funny and Easy to Watch:

Grace & Frankie – if you haven’t watch this, stop reading and turn on Netflix right now. This show had me in stitches for daysss.
Modern Family – Okay, so you’ve probably all watched this show by now but watch it again! We all need a laugh during the next few weeks. Myself and Aaron are currently re-watching this from the beginning and we can’t turn it off… Can I marry Phil please? And can I be best friends with Cam?
New Girl – Why have I only found this show recently? It’s so easy to watch, it’s kinda like a modern day version of Friends (not as good of course!).
Big Bang Theory – again you’ve probably all heard of this by now but it’s one of my favourite shows ever. My dog Cooper is named after Sheldon ha!
Impractical Jokers – Again, just hours and hours of laughs. Four best friends who just make absolute fools of themselves in public.
The Movies that Made Us – This isn’t funny but it’s really easy to watch! The one about Dirty Dancing is phenom. However, the one about Home Alone might ruin the movie for you forever! Watch it and you’ll see why 😦


Unbelievable – really good but so infuriating at the same time. It’s not easy to watch.
Dynasty – if you liked Gossip Girl you’ll love this! The wardrobes, the houses, the bitchiness!
The Stranger – meh! To be honest I didn’t love this but I couldn’t stop watching it because I wanted to know how it finished. Other people loved it though!
Messiah – a show about Jesus returning in today’s world.
You – okay, you’ve definitely all heard of this one but if you haven’t watched it, I’d seriously recommend you do. Joe’s box isn’t looking so bad now is it? Ha!
The Crown – I loved this! It’s fascinating! It’s basically a historical drama that gives peak behind closed doors of Buckingham Palace. Some of the Royal Family actually watch it!
How to Get Away with Murder – I love a good murder mystery and loved this show up to the middle of season of three.. then it got a little bit too far fetched for my liking. Like, there’s only so much a person can get away with!
Unsolved – investigating the deaths of Tupac and Biggie. Soooo good!!

Reality TV

Love is Blind – the cringiest TV show I have ever watched. Like, I was literally sinking into the chair watching this but it was just the type of trash TV I never knew I needed in my life.
Very Cavallari – Kristin Cavallari is all of my life goals in one woman.
Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry – oldie but goodie. Not everyone is into medium readings but I find them fascinating.

“Have you been living under a rock?” Shows:

I’m not even going to give these a description, just watch them.

Sons of Anarchy
Breaking Bad
Game of Thrones
Peaky Blinders


For the Girls:

All of these movies have been out for a hot minute but they’re some of my favs!

I Feel Pretty – reminds me of Shallow Hall? Really funny, watched it with my mom last week and we loved it.
Just Go With It – probably my favourite romantic comedy. I must have watched this 47 times.
The Vow – if you want to bawl your eyes out watch this. It also has Channing Tatum…
Think Like a Man – reverse psychology at it finest and funniest.
My Best Friend’s Girl – I just love Kate Hudson.
Safe Haven – again, bawl your eyes out. Your one’s hair in this is everything!
Dirty Dancing – need I say more?
Ghost – as above.
Eat Pray Love – such a feel good movie. I watched it and wanted to quit my job and travel the world haha.
Friends with Benefits – another movie I must have watched 47 times.
You’ve Got Mail – one of my top three favourite movies of all time. Tom. Hanks.

Really Good Movies:

Road House – Aaron made me watch this for the first time the other night and I was weak! Patrick Swayze topless and in bar fights.
Unforgettable – I love a good thriller! This one is about a jealous divorcee (Katherine Heigl) who wants to ruin the life of her ex-husband’s new girlfriend.
A Fall From Grace – love a true story? This is fab!
Coming to America – one of Aaron’s favourite movies. It’s a film from the 80’s with Eddie Murphy, to be fair to Aaron, I’ll give him this one 🙂
Lincoln Lawyer – another great thriller!
The Two Popes – after being in The Vatician last year and seeing the amount of sickening wealth, I’m sooo interested in the catholic church and all of the conspiracy theories associated with it. While this isn’t a conspiracy theory film, it’s really interesting to watch.
Tony Robbins I am Not Your Guru – not a movie but I love this man!
The Boy – probably the only scary movie I’m ok with watching.
Goodfellas – possibly my favourite movie ever (after Shawshank).
The Irishman – looooooved it! Very long though so stock up on snacks.
The Book of Eli – if you haven’t seen this what are you doing with your life? You can’t beat a good old Denzel movie.
Dallas Buyers Club – Matthew McConaughey’s best movie I think.
Meet Joe Black – Brad Pitt in his fiiinest.
Green Book – such a good story! It’s about a driver/body guard and an African-American pianist, in the south in the 60’s.
The Post – my two favs, Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep.
Shutter Island – another fab thriller with a few good twists.


Okay, so I’m someone that usually has three books on the go at one time between my kindle, Audible and hard copies that I like to put notes in. I’d recommend to everyone to download Audible! It’s £8 a month but that £8 gets you a free book. I swear by it, you get through books way faster and you can listen to them in the car, out walking or at the gym.

Factual Books:

Awaken the Giant Within – the bible from Tony Robbins. I still haven’t finished it and I’ve been reading it for months, it’s really hard to read, it’s so long! There’s solid gold information on each page so I’d advise reading it with a highlighter and pen! It’s all about mastering your emotions, overcoming habits, the hidden power of body and mind, improving personal and professional relationships, and taking control of personal finances. If you’re gonna buy any book, buy this one.
Lost Connections – the influencer Sinead Hegarty recommended this on her stories one day and consider me influenced. I couldn’t put it down! The facts and research in this book are unbelievable. It shines a new light on depression and anxiety.
The Sweet Spot – this book changed my day to day life, honestly. It thought me how to stop putting so much pressure on myself. The author also talks about the the fact that unless we feel under pressure we think we’re not working hard enough. It goes through how to balance your work life and personal life and accomplishing more by doing less.
Not a Diet Book – I’ve just started this but I’m hooked already! If you don’t follow James Smith on Instagram, follow him now.
Becoming – Michelle Obama’s book. It took me a while to get into it, she spends so many of the first chapters on her childhood but once I got stuck in, I really enjoyed it.
What I Know for Sure – Oprah’s life lessons. Highly recommend.
West Cork – technically this is a podcast but it’s only available on Audible so I’m calling it a book 🙂 It’s about the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier (yes I did Google that) and Ian Bailey.


The Family Upstairs – obsesssssed with this book! It’s about three families all tangled together by dark secrets with loads of unexpected twists!
Then She Was Gone – Same author as above, Lisa Jewell. A psychological thriller about a missing girl, I listened to this in three days it was so good!
The Crossfire Series – if you liked Fifty Shades of Gray you’ll love this because it’s way better!
What a Complete Aisling Trilogy – I loved these books! It was such an easy read and all of the Irish sayings and goings on reminded me of my gran!


If I’m honest there are only three podcasts I listen to religiously so I’ll keep this part short and sweet 🙂

I’m Grand Mam – two of the funniest Cork lads telling stories that will have tears pouring down your face from laughing. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve burst out laughing listening to this! And they’ve gone “weak-ly”! We love to see it.
The Skinny Confidential – I’m obsessed with this! It’s a podcast of interviews with celebrities, entrepreneurs, influencers, experts, and thought leaders who discuss anything from business, to brands, to skincare to diets etc.
Casefile True Crime – if you haven’t already gathered I love a good mystery! The way this podcast is done is phenomenal! How he has so many facts! If you love a good murder mystery you’ll be weak for this.

And there you have it! If that doesn’t give you weeks of entertainment I don’t know what will 🙂

April x 






3 thoughts on “Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts and Books to Keep You Going

  1. Aisha Urooj says:

    The last few weeks have been surreal, like we are all players in a book or movie, rather than real life. Thanks for sharing your recommendations. You are right, it is a time to reflect and just learn to be still. Also appreciate all that we took for granted just days ago.


    • GET THE SKINNY says:

      Thank you for commenting! It has been so surreal!! I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal every day for my family’s health during all of this!

      Liked by 1 person

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