Anyone else tired of seeing “now is the time to work on your passion projects”… C’mere girl, I’m exhausted! It’s like a productivity contest on Instagram with all the workouts and baking! Meanwhile, April’s lying on the couch after work, watching Disney+, probably being the most unproductive person on the planet and struggling to find the energy to wash her cup after a cuppa tea!

Now more than ever it’s so important to look after yourself because let’s be honest, this current situation we’re in is vuuury hard! You don’t have to fall into this productivity trap if you’re not on that vibe right now. Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve spent the day doing nothing, that’s needed too.

Okay, where am I going with this… I sent out one of those question boxes on Instagram last week for a bit of inspo and the most requested blog was my “self-care routine” and I was weak! I’m all about a bit of self-care and love ❤

To me, self-care isn’t just about a face mask and a layer of tan, it’s about minding your mental and physical wellbeing as well. Below are some of the things I do to make myself feel better and keep my mind at ease 😊.

I can’t stress enough the importance of meditation for your mind. It basically training your brain to focus and redirect your thoughts. When I first started meditating I found it impossible, it takes a lot of practice but the benefits are insane. I go through different phases of meditation, right now I’m really enjoying guided/visual meditation.
Tip: Use this playlist on Spotify (private beach is my fav).

It’s probably my favourite activity. My amazing yoga teacher Kelly does three live classes a week (usually in the Alchemy School of Yoga but we can’t get there now yano?). If you want to join in let me know and I’ll give you the details 🙂 Similar to meditation, yoga has been around for thousands of years and has sooo many proven benefits. Would recommend to a friend!
Tip: Have a blanket at the ready for Savasana

Practicing Gratitude
I never understood this until I started doing it. I have a tiny red notebook and every morning I sip a cup of coffee and write down three things I’m grateful for. It just starts my day on a positive note and makes me look out for the good things through the day to add to my list.
Tip: Don’t stress about finding something “significant” to be grateful for, I was grateful for coffee last week 😉

This isn’t for everyone but I love writing in my journal at the end of the day. I don’t do it everyday but I’ve been doing it most days recently. It’s really good for your mind to reflect on the day that’s passed; what went well, what didn’t go well, how are you feeling? I usually read my daily page of The Daily Stoic and let that inspire my writing. I think keeping a journal is a great way to really get to know yourself and to reflect.
Tip: Get yourself a really nice notebook!

I spoke about how much I read and listen to books in my previous blog. I LOVE reading. I love getting lost in a book and learning something everyday. I’m currently reading Me Before You (fiction) and The Laws of Human Nature (non-fiction). I read fiction before I go sleep and non-fiction when I’m walking or cleaning.
Tip: Download Audible and thank me later.

I try to go on an hour walk everyday during quarantine – Cooper is weak for himself, I’ve the legs walked off him haha. I listen to my book and go out and enjoy the fresh air. I hate home workouts so walking and yoga are how I keep myself active.
Tip: Listen to something educational or use the time to ring your grandparents ❤

Fresh Pajama’s, Fresh Bed Sheets, Boujee Shower and Face Mask
Like need I say more really?? Tell me is there a better feeling than fresh pajamas and bed sheets? I also love a boujee shower – like get out the good, expensive stuff and do a full pamper in the shower. Followed with a luxurious, heavy layer of body butter and a face mask… I know what I’m doing tonight anyway 😀
Tip: Garnier Sheet Masks are life and cheap as chips!

Candle and a Glass of Red 
I feel like this is becoming a daily occurrence for me at this point! I couldn’t tell you how many candles… and glasses of wine I’ve burned through since this whole virus thing started. But really, if you’ve had a hard day just light a few candles, pop on a movie, pour a glass of red (or white if you’re into that kinda thing), lie on the couch and chill! … I also might do this tonight haha.
Tip: If you like a red, try Dada with the red label (Dunnes for a tenner).

Spin in the Car with the Music Blaring
You haven’t lived if you haven’t gone for a spin by yourself on a sunny day with the choons absolutely blaring! My personal favourite playlist to blast is the Kiss FM, if you know you know 😉 Don’t judge me! Windows Down, Systems Up! Hahaha
Tip: Sing/Scream as loud as you can!

This has quickly become the highlight of my days. Catching up with my family and having chats (drinks) with girls means the world to me right now. Please make time everyday to ring one person, particularly those who are alone, you never know how much they might need the chat!
Tip: Have a set time every week to have a group chat with the girls and have a drink and a rant 🙂 God knows we need it!

Here we are now, all done 🙂

I’d love to hear about your self-care routine, send any tips and tricks my way ❤




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